Gultom’s Family – Samuel And Stephan Activities

Samuel and Stephan Gultom activities everyday describe on these photos below :

Gultom Family

Samuel and Stephan waiting and sitting at fuel station

Every day is a playing times for them, especially for Samuel, because now he is at his  school holiday. Samuel passed his first grade at class, now he is up to second grade. He is very happy about that, and ask his parent to provide him a new PSP, while Stephan demand new three tyre bike and DC car.


Stephan is alway loves his new bike, he plays his bike every time, even when he wake up from his nap, he looking for his bike to ride it.


Stephan loves his bike

When there is a Gultom Parumaraja’s Annual Worship last couples months, they dance Tortor, an original Batak’s dance.


Gultom Parumaraja’s Annual Worship

Wish the brothers have blessing and always in GOD’s Hand.


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