Stephan Gultom-Toddler

Baby Stephan

Stephan H Gultom

Well, in Gultom’s family, Stephan is the younger one, he is now two and half years old and planning to attend pre schooll this mid year. Stephan was born in Jakarta in December 2010, with caesar birth delivery, with height 51 cm and weight 3,2 kg.

When he was a baby, Stephan like to smile and laugh untill now. The sound of his crying is loud and make his parents looks little bit confuse. He was breast feeding by his lovely mom untill he got five months old. He has a big smile with his little lips.

Now he loves to sing and dancing and of course playing all the time.


Stephan love to play with his brother

Samuel, his brother is like to play with his dad computer, he like playing computer game . While Samuel is busy with his game, Stephan come by to his brother to joinning the playing by watching his brother game. Stephan usually cheer a comment with the game and say “hooray” or :”keep going brother…



Stephan Gultom

Stephan Gultom love to ride a bike as well as playing with toys


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